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Are you looking for the best reflexology in the local area? Well, search no more – try R & M Reflexology....Plus. Just contact us or text through our booking form and book yourself an amazing session with one of our brilliant reflexologists. Our experienced reflexologists use foot charts to guide them as they apply just the right amount of pressure to targeted areas based on your needs. We combine our reflexology with other hand-delivered therapies usually offered by physical therapists and chiropractors as a value-added service.

Find the pressure points, and relax

Most of us have heard of reflexology but not as many know what’s actually involved in a treatment. When you arrive for your appointment we will first complete a comprehensive consultation covering your medical history and any particular issues. Then your reflexologist will tailor your treatment to your needs, massaging and applying pressure to certain areas of your hands and feet, depending on what your priorities are.

Service with a smile

As you are probably aware, reflexology is based on the theory that the areas of your foot correspond to specific body systems and organs. Our skilled staff have mastered the technique of applying pressure to the foot in order to bring you both healing and relaxation. The reflexology procedures we provide will give you numerous feel-good benefits and may result in improved blood circulation and general relaxation of body tensions. Customer intimacy is a value we hold dear and we know it is what sets us apart as the leading provider of reflexology.


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Mark Gallagher reviewed R&M Reflexology Plus 5 stars
Mark Gallagher
Mark and Rita have magic hands You feel like a million bucks when you're done. I highly recommend a visit.
. Rocky Starner

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